Premium 10 meters RGBW LED Strip Kit RGB+Natural (Basic)


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Kit 10 meters RGBW LED strip

RGB+Natural Quad LED chip

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LED strip kit length 10 meters Kit
LED Kit control method Remote Control
Led Strip Kit Colour RGB+Natural White
Brand Hi-Line

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This is a premium BASIC 10 meters RGBW LED Strip kit (RGB+natural white non waterproof IP00, quad LED chip)

The Kit includes all necessary products for a quick installation of up to 10 meters of RGBW LED strip.

RGBW remote control included is a multi-zone smart device able to control up to 4 independent zones/areas (additional wireless controllers are required, one per zone). Operates on high RF frequency with a reliable range of up to 30 meters apart from the controller.

The following products are included to the Kit:

1 x 200W / 24V LED Driver (premium series IP67)

Expandable: Ready to drive up to 12 meters of RGBW LED Strip

1 x Wireless RGBW LED controller (new Version with easy connection terminals)

Expandable: Ready to drive up to 20 meters of RGBW LED Strip
Specified for maximum of 30 meters of 14.4W LED strip per controller but suggested to operate with 15 to 20 meters.

1 x RGBW LED remote

Expandable for up to 4 zones (extra wireless RGBW LED controllers will be necessary)

1 x 5 cores ribbon cable, 10 meters length

2 x 5 meters roll RGBW (RGB+natural white) LED strip IP00 (non waterproof)

10m RGBW tape comes in two 5 meters rolls with 3M double adhesive tape on the back of the flexible PCB and with 15cm soldered wire tails at both sides of the 5m led strip length.

The LED driver is powerful, enclosed/waterproof (IP67) and fanless, perfect to be used in bedrooms or other areas that noise might be an issue. This is from our premium series of LED drivers with higher efficiency and 5 years Warranty 

LED driver and controller comes with 5 Year Guarantee, remaining items with 3 Years.
Please make sure you know how to install the LED strip properly, avoiding voltage drop and high current through the flexible pcb of the LED strip (long runs could cause high current and damage the flexible pcb. If you are unsure about something please contact us before powering on the kit or use this product "Ask a question" button below.


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Premium 10 meters RGBW LED Strip Kit RGB+Natural (Basic)

Premium 10 meters RGBW LED Strip Kit RGB+Natural (Basic)

Kit 10 meters RGBW LED strip

RGB+Natural Quad LED chip