LED NEON FLEX RGBW - RGB+4000K - Quad LEDs - 24V (Sold Per Metre)


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Sideview 24V Neon Flex RGBW 4000K

72 LEDs/m–16 W/m

Flex width: 10mm

3 year warranty 

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LED Chip Quad colour SMD 5050
Voltage 24V DC
Colour RGBW (RGB+NW)
Power 16 Watt per meter
Brightness 195 lm/m
Number of LEDs per meter 72
Rating IP65 / IP67
Colour Temperature (CCT) RGB+4000K
Colour rendering (CRI in ra) 80
Cutting length Every 8.33 cm
Minimum Bend Diameter (Horizontal) 40mm
LED Neon Flex Type Flat Surface - Horizontal Bending
Neon Flex Width 10mm
Neon Flex Height 20mm
Voltage Type Constant Voltage
LED Neon Flex Beam Angle 160 Degrees
Warranty 3 Years
Brand Hi-Line

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10mm wide x 20mm height horizontally bendable RGBW LED neon flex IP65/67 (Sold per meter)

RGBW LED Neon flex powered by quad LED chips (4 colours in 1 chip) 24V - RGB+4000K IP65/67

10mm wide x 20mm height LED neon flex RGBW

16 W/m – 24V DC – 72 LEDs/m – splash-proof IP65/67 – 5 wires common anode configuration

Flat design for architectural lighting. Sits flush along edges and provides a 160 degree beam angle.

This new design of RGBW LED Neon Flex integrates all 3 primary colours Red, Green and Blue with 4000K White in a single LED chip.

Power consumption is 16 Watt per meter, below you may find consumption and other data per colour:

Red LED channel: 3.92 Watt per meter, wavelength 625nm, light output 27 lm/m

Green LED channel: 4.06 Watt per meter, wavelength 525nm, light output 57.19 lm/m

Blue LED channel: 3.84 Watt per meter, wavelength 470nm, light output 8.58 lm/m

White LED channel: 4.18 Watt per meter, CCT 4000K, light output 101.89 lm/m

LED Neon flex can be cut at every 8.33cm

Saunas and Steam Rooms:

If you require LEDs for saunas and steam rooms, please refer to our range of IP68 LED strips, designed to withstand temperatures of up to 110 degrees.

For more information on using Neon Flex for underwater usage, please see our FAQ page.

Please Note: Minimum order is for 1 Metre length. If you order more than a 1 Metre length of Neon Flex you will receive a continuous run as it is taken from a 50m roll.

Returns are not accepted, due to specialised lengths being cut, unless it's a complete 50m reels). Faulty returns will be accepted.

Also, if connectors are required, these need to be purchased separately. You will only receive tail ends when you purchase a 50m roll. 

If purchasing a 50 metre roll, please avoid testing the entire length for long periods - you will risk burning out the chips.

3 year warranty



The high quality of Hi-Line LED Neon flex products ensures low decay, which increases the LED's lifespan and assures that the level of the brightness is kept constant throughout the LED's estimated life.

Please do NOT connect more than 15 meters of LED flex in series. A LED flex of more than 15 meters in length will overloaded, due to the increased amount of current passing through, resulting in the damage of the internal FCB and failure of the product.

Please note that 30m of this product can be installed in a single run only with 24V power fed from both sides in parallel. Alternatively you may power RGBW LED Neon flex (24V DC) in the middle of the run (leaving 15 meters LED flex to the left and 15 meters to the right).


All Hi-Line LED neon flex are PWM dimmable.
Please select a suitable PWM LED dimmer/controller to ensure the proper dimming of the product.

This LED RGBW neon flex is fully compatible with Fibaro RGBW LED Controller, Rako or ANY conventional common anode LED controller available on the market. We do also offer a wide range of RGBW LED controllers including wireless, DMX512, ZigBee, DALI and more to choose from.


The stated price is for 1m LED Flex RGBW (RGB+ Natural White) powered by 72 x 4in1 quad RGBW LEDs – IP65/67, 24V DC.



Selection of the LED driver (LED switch mode power supply) depending on the maximum LED Neon Flex length

To consider best power supply performance, we suggest using 20% higher capacity (Wattage) of what the rated power consumption of neon flex will be.

Note: for driving RGBW LED neon flex, you will have to combine the LED-Driver with an RGBW LED Controller.

In such a case, the LED driver is not required to be dimmable. Brightness control (dimming) and colour adjustment is still possible through the LED controller.

For further assistance, please visit out support page.


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LED NEON FLEX RGBW - RGB+4000K - Quad LEDs - 24V (Sold Per Metre)

LED NEON FLEX RGBW - RGB+4000K - Quad LEDs - 24V (Sold Per Metre)

Sideview 24V Neon Flex RGBW 4000K

72 LEDs/m–16 W/m

Flex width: 10mm

3 year warranty 


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