IP65 End-Exit power Cable for RGBW Neon Flex LED


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End-Exit power Cable for RGBW Neon Flex.


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Rating IP65 (Splashproof)
Brand Hi-Line

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The HL-PWR-RGBW-IP68-END-EXIT cable fits onto one end of Neon Flex, to provide a fully sealed connection. 

The supplied screws secures the cap in place, for rigid protection. Included sealant can then be applied for water protection.

The cable attached to the plug end exits linear from the back.

Included in the kit: 

1 x 510 mm Connector Cable

1 x Plastic Connector Cap

2 x Transparent grip pieces (one for each side of the flex, applied prior to sliding over the case)

4 x screws

1 x IP65 sealant

Plastic Connector measures 2.6cm H x 2.4cm W x 2.3cm L

When the connector end of the tail is attached to the plastic connector, the length of the connection end becomes 4.3cm


The Pins of this power connector should go under the Neon flex FCP (notice the lip, which slides into the centre hole of strip).

All colours should operate perfectly before “closing” the connector parts.

If it is your first time installing Neon Flex power connectors, we must stress the importance of testing a sample piece of cable before installing your run. This is because installation can be tricky and you may risk destroying the strip's circuit board.

We therefore suggest that you should purchase 1m of extra Neon Flex strictly for this purpose, playing with several connector types if necessary, until you have a firm understanding and are happy with the results. We won’t accept product returns as a result of failed trials on complete runs. 

Additional notes:

These strips are made to be powered from one end only. Please refer to the following:

If you’re looking at the flex with the light on top and the upside down logo facing you, it’ll be the left side. The connectors have a curved end and this will have to match the curved light top side of the flex, with the pins underneath the PCB and the lip in the indent.

Please see our help page for more information HERE.

We recommend not to install more than 10 metres in series. 15 metres is possible and while you shouldn't notice any difference in brightness, you may experience a slight drop-off in voltage. Please test before fully installing. 


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IP65 End-Exit power Cable for RGBW Neon Flex LED

IP65 End-Exit power Cable for RGBW Neon Flex LED

End-Exit power Cable for RGBW Neon Flex.



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