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IP68 Rated 3-Way RJ45 T Connector for RGBW LED...

IP68 Rated 3-Way RJ45 T Connector for RGBW LED Spotlight Series

Discover the IP68 3-Way RGBW T-Box, a robust and reliable connector designed for constant current RGBW LED systems. Perfect for outdoor and challenging installations

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Elevate your outdoor lighting design with our IP68 Rated T Connector, tailored to integrate seamlessly with Hi-Line Lighting's RGBW IP65 waterproof spotlights and DMX controllers.

Product Highlights:

Triple RJ45 Ports: Featuring three deep-set RJ45 ports, this connector ensures a robust seal for CAT cables, delivering secure and reliable connections shielded from environmental factors.

Enhanced Protection: The connector's design focuses on encasing each RJ45 connection, providing an extra layer of isolation within the unit to combat water and dust ingress.

Versatile Input Options: Whether connecting from a previous spotlight or directly from our DMX controller, this connector offers flexibility for various lighting layouts.

Efficient Daisy-Chaining: Offering both tap-out for additional spotlights and continuation outputs, it enables a sleek and scalable lighting chain for your project.

Installation Tips:

Sequential Setup: Ensure each RJ45 T-box is connected to a subsequent spotlight in your daisy chain, with the last element being a spotlight to maintain the required constant current flow.

Chain Termination: Ensure not to conclude your lighting series with an RJ45 T-Box that has an unused output. Each T-Box features three connections – one for the input, one for the attached spotlight, and another for the output to the next spotlight in the series. Leaving the output connection open disrupts the constant current flow, potentially disabling the entire light chain.

Inground Installation: For those planning to bury the connector underground, it is essential to use the proper CAT cable designed for burial. Professional installers often employ additional IP68-rated junction boxes filled with special resin to provide further protection, especially in harsh conditions.

Expertise Recommended: Installation, particularly inground, should be executed by professionals who are familiar with the demands of outdoor conditions and understand how to utilize additional protective measures when necessary.

Responsibility and Care: While we supply the components, the responsibility for correct installation rests with the installer. This is especially pertinent during the British winter, where ensuring a proper setup is crucial for the longevity and functionality of the lighting system.


Illuminate your outdoor spaces confidently, knowing that our IP68 Rated T Connector is designed to meet the highest standards of durability and performance. For those looking to enhance their project with compatible accessories, our website features a "Related Product" tab for easy navigation. Use our 'Refine by' filter to select the ideal products tailored to your project needs.

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