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DMX512 RGBW LED Controller

Constant Voltage type

4 Channels DMX-512 input

Warranty: 5 Years

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Type RGB/RGBW controller
Type of control DMX512
Resolution 8-Bit
Warranty 5 Years
Brand Hi-Line

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This is a wall mounting LED controller, compatible with standard DMX512 signal. That means you may configure the system to work with any “smart home controller” or any device that is in compliance with DMX lighting protocol.

It is a solid and tested product that can drive RGB, RGBW or single colour LED strips and other constant voltage LED products.

Input voltage can vary between 12 to 36V maximum (60 to 180W respectively)

The maximum current per channel that this controller can handle is 5 Amps.

DMX start address can be set at any value between 001 to 512 using the buttons available on the front panel

Start Address will be then saved in memory and even after power interruption will be recalled to the previous settings.


Input Voltage: 12 to 36 Volts DC

Output voltage: According to input voltage (12‐36V)

Maximum output current: 5 Amps per channel

Output Channels: 4 Channels

Output power: 4CH x 60‐180W each (12‐36V)

Mode: Constant Voltage

Signal input: DMX512

DMX Start Address settings: 1 to 512

Mountingwall mounting

Warranty: 5 Years


Operating example:

Installing our RGBW LED Strip (60 LEDs per meter) with DMX RGBW LED Controller:


RGBW LED Strip (4 in 1 integrated LED chip) has a power consumption of 14.4W per meter. That’s the power consumption of all 4 colours together, meaning an average of 3.6W per colour per meter.

Note: Those are the average readings based on 5m length of strip. If the length is less (as an example 1 meter), the power will be higher due to the reason that there is no voltage drop. (Check the RGBW Led strip page for more details).

The specific LED controller can handle a maximum of 5A per channel but is suggested to load the controller with no more than 3.5A in order to operate at lower temperatures.

Note: If adequate ventilation is provided you may load this controller with up to 5A, which is the maximum current per channel that can pass through the triacs without being damaged.

Since RGBW LED strip is rated at 24 Volts, we can assume a current of 0.15A per channel (based on a average 5 meters length of RGBW LED Strip).

If we load the controller with the “safe” value of 3.5A per channel rated at 24V, means we can connect up to 84 Watt per channel or maximum of 23 meters of RGBW tape to every controller.

Note: Every maximum of 5 meters RGBW LED strip is suggesting to be connected with the DMX LED controller directly, using a separate 5 core cable. For more information, please download the attached file: Basic knowledge for the installation of LED-Strips, available at the bottom of this page.


For more information, please download the user manual, available at the bottom of this page.


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DMX512 RGBW LED Controller

Constant Voltage type

4 Channels DMX-512 input

Warranty: 5 Years

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