Warm White LED Strip 5m roll | 24V | 14.4W/m | IP65 | CRI80 | SMD2835

Key Features:

  • Colour: Warm White
  • Colour Temperature (CCT): 3000K
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • IP Rating: IP65 (Silicone sleeve)
  • LEDs per meter: 60
  • Power: 14.4 Watts per Metre
  • Brightness: 1320-1440 Lm/m
  • LED Strip Length: 5-meter roll
  • Width of strip: 8mm
  • Height of strip: 3.5mm
  • CRI: Excellent - 80
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty
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Commercial High Grade Warm White LED Strip 3000K - Rated IP65 - Using silicone Sleeve protective covering

14.4W/m – 24V DC – 5m roll – 60 LEDs/m – IP65 (Splashproof) – 2-wire cable (15cm on each side of the strip roll)

This is a high bright LED strip powered by high quality SMD2835 LED chips which generate a brightness of 1320-1440Lm/m. Please note that 1.2 meters of this LED strip have the same or even higher brightness than a 4ft fluorescent tube.

Excellent colour rendering index (CRI) – all LED chips reach a value of Ra >80. Please note that this LED strip is also available with even higher CRI - Ra>90. Please contact Hi-Line for more information.

The strip can be cut every 6 LEDs (10cm). The width of the LED strip is 8mm.

Great for sign makers, cove lighting or any application that requires high brightness LEDs.

Note: Whenever possible it is suggested to install this LED strip on an aluminium bar to ensure proper cooling and thus increasing the life span.

Fitted with an easy to install original 3M adhesive tape with excellent adhesion (identified by a red protective strip on the adhesive side).

With IP65 silicone sleeve LED strips it is not possible to use the IP65 strip connectors. This is due to the connector’s concave design, which won’t clamp onto the strip when closed. As such, it is recommended to solder or use the equivalent IP00 connectors, such as the IP00 10mm Strip-to-Wire Connectors and the IP00 10mm Strip-to-Strip Connectors.

IP65 silicone Sleeve protective covering

A silicone sleeve is a protective covering that is often used for IP65 rated LED strips. IP65 stands for "Ingress Protection 65" and refers to the level of protection that the LED strip has against dust and water. The silicone sleeve provides an extra layer of protection for the LED strip, helping to prevent damage from moisture or dust.

The silicone sleeve is typically made from a flexible, heat-resistant material that is molded to fit around the LED strip. The sleeve helps to prevent water from penetrating the LED strip and can also help to dissipate heat generated by the LED lights. This helps to extend the lifespan of the LED strip and ensures that it continues to perform reliably even in challenging environments.

In summary, both silicone and PU can be used to protect LED strips rated for IP65, but silicone sleeve is often considered to be the superior choice due to its high level of flexibility, water resistance, heat dissipation, and durability.

3 year warranty

The high quality of Hi-Line LED strip products ensures low decay, which increases the LED strip's lifespan and assures that the high level of the brightness is kept constant throughout the LED strip's life.

Please do NOT connect more than 5 meters of a LED strip in series. A LED strip of more than 5 meters in length is overloaded due to the increased amount of current passing through, resulting in the damage of the PCB and the failure of the LED strip. Thus, when 5 meters of LED strip are exceeded, it is suggested to connect the strip directly to the LED controller or driver using a 2-core cable.

Installation hints and tips for LED strips can be downloaded at the bottom of this web page.

The LED strip comes with a 15cm wire ending on each side of the strip roll.Therefore, no extra soldering is required if the roll should be cut into 2 different pieces (i.e. 3 meters + 2 meters).

Please note that soldering is recommended for the connection of LED strips. However, if a solder-free connection is preferred, Hi-Line’s solder-free connectors offer the best solution currently available on the market.

All Hi-Line LED strips are dimmable. Please select a suitable PWM LED dimmer/controller to ensure the proper dimming of the LED strip.

The stated price is for 1 x 5-meter roll LED strip (Warm White) with 300 SMD2835 LEDs – IP65 (Splashproof), 24V DC.

Selection of the LED driver depending on the maximum LED strip length

The table below shows the maximum LED strip length, which can be operated with a given LED driver.

To consider the performance drop, which occurs in the power supply cable and the efficiency of the LED Driver, 20% were deducted from the maximum strip length in the table below.

14.4 W/m LED Drivers and LED Strip

Note that LED strips dimming is possible if the driver is used in combination with an LED controller. In such case LED driver is not required to be dimmable and brightness control (dimming) is still possible through the LED controller.

24V Driver Controller Circuit

1320~1440 Lm/m
CIE Colour Space
Warm White
Colour rendering (CRI in ra)
Colour Temperature (CCT)
Cutting length
Every 6 LEDs (100mm)
Height of strip
LEDs per meter
LED Chip
SMD 2835
LED Strip Length
5 metres roll
14.4 Watts per Metre
IP Rating
IP65 (Splashproof)
24V DC
Voltage Type
Constant Voltage
3 Years
Width of strip
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